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I want a popup and I want it NOW !! hehe
Published on August 15, 2009 By mike b1954 In Internet

Just a quickie ...

Although I use Windows Live Hotmail  a couple of times a day I sometimes miss important new

deliveries during the course of a session online...

I have been looking everywhere for an application that reminds me , from the taskbar , that I have

 a new Email  ...

Are there any that work with ? ~ and are really easy to set up .... summat like the

flashing tab you get when you are on Messenger /Skype when you are not in the message

window ..

Ideally , I should get a little "You Have Mail" popup .. as soon as one arrives ...

I have looked everywhere within WC and had no luck ... ! *sniff* ...

( ( Sorry about the large type ...  (misplaced my spex ) )

on Aug 15, 2009

Sysmetrix can access your email servers...and indicate to you that there's new mine currently shows I have 6 ...the accounts it's checking include hotmail...

on Aug 15, 2009

I use Windows Live Messenger and it gives a pop up whenever an email arrives.  It opens a small window just above where the taskbar is and gives you who, subject and stuff of the email so you know whether you need to go read it.

I would imagine that there are other programs that work the same way if you didn't like or want to use Windows Live Messenger.

on Aug 15, 2009

Jafo : I must try that ... !

Philly/John ... Ya know , I totally forgot about the Messenger One ... I have not

used it for years , and it works even when I am showing as offline  ...

I mainly use Skype , as the call/voice quality is outstanding ...

Thanks very much , Gentlemen  !! Sho'do preeshyate it !


on Aug 15, 2009

Your welcome Mike.

on Aug 15, 2009

There's an easy-to-use mail notifier available free from that will sit in your notification area.

on Aug 15, 2009

My wife uses Incredimail. This link is for the free version, but (like most things) you can pay to get more options. Incredimail allows you to choose and customize your notifiers.

I personally like Thunderbird. Thunderbird is free and it notifies you from the taskbar.


on Aug 15, 2009

Thunderbird is awesome IMHO.  Very configurable, but not always simple to do.  i like to keep my mails on my computer and not leave on the server as I keep a lot of mail and the online accounts can fill up too quickly.

The paid version of Incredimail is nice too.

on Aug 16, 2009

Pidgin does a good job of letting me know when I have mail.

on Sep 20, 2009 - You can enable or disable alert

on Sep 20, 2009

I have been looking everywhere for an application that reminds me , from the taskbar , that I have

a new Email ...

Thunderbird will do this if you install the 'firetray' ad-on. It keeps Thunderbird in your notification tray when you close or minimize it.

There is also PopTray which  is free/open source and works with an unlimited number of accounts. It sits right in your notification area.



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