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The Language of Life ...sorry , Liverpool !!
Published on June 20, 2008 By mike b1954 In Humor

 Language never ceases to amaze me .. I am learning Greek for my holidays , (In Greece) ~ knowing full well that when I get there I will be speaking English !! 

~ But given the opportunity to talk it , I definitely will be .. I like to see the locals' reaction when I do ...  I have been there loads of times and have always learnt so much more when I speak with a local (who , hopefully can understand English enough to correct me ... ! )

This year I hope to be going to Kefalonia , where Captain Corellis' Mandolin was filmed a few years ago ... and I know that it is not as 'English' as , for example ,Corfu , so it looks like I will have my work cut-out for me , it should be great fun ..!


Which brings me to my second observation on Language ... Being a Liverpudlian (see below! ) ... We tend to speak - say - things a lot more literally then most other local dialects... We have quite a picturesque, if you will, dialect ... and a wierd sense of humour as well ... the perfect universal example would be any of the Beatles films.... 4 lads from Liverpool but all with a slightly different Scouse Accent ... Great to listen to , as well ...

The females of Liverpool have a more pronounced version of the Dialect of Liverpool ..Scouse ... so go and have a listen on the link below .. you will find it very interesting , I promise you !!




So I have assembled for your reading and talking pleasure a basic Lesson in Liverpudlian ..

All you have to do is say the words as you see them and talk a bit faster then you usually do ... and 'roll' them together ... 

~ Or should I say ~ 

" Allyerravterdoowizzsayderwerdsazyerseedemm, OK ? ?  "      hehehe !!

Have fun , and don't forget to click the link ...  



Der werds az day say dem in Liverpoowill ! 

Ullo dur! Greetings!   Pleased to make your aquaintance
Wack   Sir
Yis    Yes
Antwaccky    Dead Old; Ancient (Antique)
Any Road Anyways,   whatever 

Av yer met me bird ?  This is the wife / girlfriend

She's gotta face like a bagger spanners .. Not pretty !

Oldies Old People
backie, crogger passenger ride on bicycle
Bummin' a ciggy  Begging  ...  If you have a spare cigarette , can I have one ?
Darrafact Is that so?
Eye Wipe! You have been proved to be incorrect! ' Ya got yer eye wiped '

Purra flukes 'ead onum he hit me hard
Binbagged   Thrown out by your bird/feller
Diesel do   these will be fine, thank you
Gizalite   Could you oblige me with a match please?
Ay ay    I Say!

 D'ya wanna kikin de'yed ?   You are starting to annoy me ..

Ay - Mince fer brains ...  Don't be stupid ... 

Lar    young man (see also email at base of page)
Ay La!   I say, young man
Ere, tatty 'ead! or 'Ay, Judy!    I say, young woman
Cum 'ed den    Well, come on then?
Go 'ed den   Well, go on then?
Boogaroff   No, please depart
Yockered    Spat out something a bit green!
Wudden mind    Yes Please
warra yer like?    Get away, I am surprised!
Ta, Wack    Thanks, I am most grateful

Make yer name Walker, Wack    Please go away
Y'know like    meaningless interjection
Ere's yer 'at, wur's de 'urry?   Its been nice but I have to go now
Yer wha?    Do I hear you correctly?
'avin' a bevvy    Having a drink of beer
Council Pop    Water
T'sarrahwell    Farewell
Sarar,wak   Farewell, sir
I dunno a blind werd 'e sez?    I do not understand him
I wanna   I want to

 Yer wanna You ought to
Worrel? What will ?

Eh ! Tattyhead ... Comb your hair , you look scruffy

Last Rubbish, as in "Dat's Last!" What a load of rubbish !
Give uz some or Gizza lorra or gizzum  Give me, a large portion please, or give to me now
Gizza dirty big plate of    A VERY large portion please
Scoop Pint,       usually of beer. From when beer was "scooped" out of barrels.
Yerl get no bevvy 'ere      Not a licensed premises (No Alcohol )
Eh! Dis is blind Scouse!    There's no meat in my stew
Muck in - yer at yer grannies     Bon Appetit!
I'le mug yer    My treat!
Gear or de gear (followed by belch)     Thanks, I enjoyed that
Ta mate, do the same when I'm carryin   I will return the favour when I have money

We wuz playin'     We were playing
ollies    marbles
jacks 'n ollies     Five Stones
dimps     Recently discarded cigarette butts still with a few "drags" left in them
buttons    Marble substitutes
segs, lazzie an' ups    Marble variations
casey    full sized soccer ball
crozzy    riding on the crossbars (bike)
Allee 'o Tick,    Tag, played in the alleys 
 fagger out    fielder at cricket
wid de corky   playing with a real cricket ball
we wuz chuckin' alley-apples   throwing stones
Scaldy    swimming hole, part of canal warm with industrial effluent
Got no bayden cozzie I have no swim suit
Down de jigger Into this alley or along this alley


If you go to this page : 

And Scroll down to the " ENGLAND 18 " box and click it you will hear  a Female Teacher from Liverpool talking Scouse ...

There is also a literal transcript too on the opposite box ..


I hope you enjoyed my little insights !!

I had a lot of fun getting this together for yerz ! 


on Jun 21, 2008

  I was able to make out most of what she said


Any idea what dialect was spoken towards the end of Pink Floyd's "Several Species of Small Furry Animals ..."? Really tough to make that out.

on Jun 21, 2008
Gear or de gear.....Belch  
on Jun 21, 2008

I've heard a few of these slang terms here in the U.S., just said a little differently.

Darrafact  = Zatafact

Diesel do = exactly the same

Muck in = dig in

Mince fer brains = s*** fer brains

on Jun 21, 2008

Pic : I don't know the song but I will try and see if I can find out what accent it is ..

Xiandi : That's probably the influence of the Irish - Liverpudlians who emigrated to the USA many years ago ...

Liverpool is the EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE 2008  too !!

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